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Our special visit to Maison Noilly Prat last Friday, 15th  March 2019

This is what awaits those people who take the tour of the Noilly Prat facility where white wine is stored in 150 year old Canadian Oak casks.  A secret recipe of several herbs is added and the maceration takes place over a three week time period.   There are 1,200 casks outside, benefitting from the salt air of the Mediterranean.   Those casks are about thirty years old.   Jasper behaved impeccably - no lifting of his leg in the wrong place!    The splendid bar area is where we had our final drink of Noilly Prat French vermouth.   Served over a ball of ice with a twist of grapefruit - wonderful.   We were also given delicious nibbles.    Only one other couple on the tour.   Olga and Michel liked Jasper very much, so did our excellent guide, Lisa .  She speaks perfect English and French and is from Denmark.  

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