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1. Stroking an 18 month old female pet kangaroo.
 Her name is Pantouffle
2. Ellie holding Pantouffle

3. The Blow Hole at Kiama, about 100 miles south of Sydney 4. Pantouffle the pet female Eastern Grey kangaroo
5. One of the five beaches at Kiama 6. The good ship "James Crane"

7.Darling Harbour, Sydney

8. St Mary's Cathedral Sydney

9.Outside Government House, Sydney

10. The gardens of Government House looking across Sydney Harbour
11. Government House
12. Front entrance to Government House, Sydney

13. The iconic Sydney Harbour bridge 14. Even more iconic Sydney Harbour Opera House
‏15. Huge cruise ship in Sydney Harbour 16. Info on courageous Tom Pearce
17.With Elaine at Dame Nellie Melba's cottage near Melbourne 18.Fabulous yew , or cypress hedge outside Dame Nellie Melba's house
19.These were once the stables of Dame Nellie Melba  

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