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1. Anthea at Hopkins Falls, near
Warrnambool, Victoria
2. Ancient volcanic lake at Tower Hill Reserve, Victoria.

3. Soon after sunrise at Warrnambool 4. Race horse exercising on beach at Warrnambool
5.Walking her racehorse in the Southern Ocean, off Warrnamboo 6. A lot of horses exercise here every morning

7.More beautiful thoroughbreds

8. Part of the Shipwreck Coast, Great Ocean Road
9.Bay of Martyrs, Great Ocean Road
10. Our tour group on GOR trip
11.Information on wreck of the Loch Ard on 1st June 1878 12.Cave where Tom Pearce carried Eva Carmichael before scaling the limestone cliffs to seek help.
  These beautiful white Italian guard dogs are ideal for guarding sheep, hens, penguins etc.  On Middle Island, near Warrnambool, two adult Maremma, Eudy and Tula, sisters, guard the colony of Little Penguins from maurading foxes that decimated the colony about 12 years ago.  The experiment with these dogs has been very successful.  From 10 surviving penguins there are now 200, but the project is hoping to bring them back to the original 2000.  I highly recommend the Australian film (2015).  "Oddball".   True story of the chicken farmer near Warrnambool who found his Maremma dog, Oddball, developed an affinity with a wounded penguin and eventually ended up guarding the tiny colony of Little Penguins on Middle Island to great effect.   Foxes used to swim out and kill the birds.  The dogs will attack the foxes if necessary.  They no longer swim out there!!!
  14. Young Maremma dog in training at Flagstaff Hill Maritime Museum, Warnambool


13. Lochard Gorge  
15. The enclosure at Maritime Museum where the trainee Maremma live. They guard hens. View looks over the Southern Ocean 16.The fabulous Minton porcelain peacock salvaged in its crate from the Loch Ard
17.The Minton Peacock 18.Info on the peacock
19.More info on the peacock 20.Model of the Loch Ard

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